The ‘Culture of Busyness’

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We hope everyone was able to schedule and plan some breaks over the past work week. Did you find it beneficial? How did it impact your productivity? If you missed last week, you an catch up on the power of breaks here 🙂 

Today we’re looking at how our fast-paced lifestyles are effecting our wellbeing 🙏

"Embrace the art of patience: In the slow kneading of dough and the steady pace of a run, find the joy of being fully present.”

The article reflects on the author's personal journey from a fast-paced lifestyle to embracing the virtues of patience (mostly through baking and running). It highlights the importance of slowing down and being present in the moment, rather than rushing through tasks for the sake of efficiency.

The author shares insights on how activities like baking, which require patience and attention to detail, can teach valuable lessons about the nature of time and productivity. The practice of baking is not just about the end product but the process itself, emphasizing the importance of being mindful and attentive to the task at hand.

TL/DR: Slowing down and practicing patience through mindful activities like baking can lead to a deeper appreciation of the present moment, enhance well-being, and ultimately improve our approach to work and life.

This is an article about the dangers of our culture of busyness. It discusses how people have come to view busyness as a status symbol, leading to increased stress and burnout among employees.

Companies should focus on rewarding output, not just activity, and also encourage employees to take time off and disengage from work.

Both of these articles reinforce the message and importance of learning to take things slow now and then.

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💡 Challenge of the week

This week, keep a journal documenting moments where you intentionally slowed down. Whether it's a meal, a walk, or a conversation, capture the experience. Reflect on how embracing the flow impacts your overall well-being.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes for everyone next week. Enjoy those moments of slowing down 🙏

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