The Psychology of Motivation

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Today, we’re taking look at how you can increase your self-motivation. Let’s dive in!

"Here’s the deal. How can we inspire people and ourselves to be self-motivated? There is another word. It’s called empowerment.”

Scott Geller

In his TEDx talk, Scott Geller delves into the psychology behind self-motivation, highlighting the importance of feeling empowered and self-motivated in both personal and professional settings. He introduces the concept of "beyond boundaries," suggesting that true motivation comes from going beyond rules and restrictions, and is driven by internal factors rather than external pressures.

If you don’t feel like reading today, here is Scott’s Tedx Talk:

He outlines three key questions that can determine if someone feels empowered, and hence, motivated:

  1. Can you do it? This question relates to self-efficacy and asks whether you believe they have the capability, time, knowledge, and training to accomplish a task.

  2. Will it work? This question surrounds response efficacy, which refers to the belief that the actions or processes will lead to the desired outcomes. This often requires education and understanding of why certain actions are effective.

  3. Is it worth it? This question focuses on the motivational aspect of empowerment, asking whether your believe that the consequences of your actions are valuable and worthwhile.

Alongside this self-empowerment, he also notes a few other factors that contribute to self-motivation: competence, choice, and community.

When it comes to competence, it’s important to note the difference between education and training, highlighting that education provides the theory and understanding behind why certain actions work, while training involves the practical application and feedback loop that reinforces competence.

Autonomy and choice is also essential in fostering self-motivation. Geller shares insights from behavioural psychologist B.F. Skinner, who emphasized the role of consequences in driving behaviour. When individuals feel they have a sense of autonomy and choice in their actions, they are more likely to feel self-motivated.

Additionally, he touches on the significance of community and social support in fostering motivation and happiness. He recites a poem, "The Cookie Thief" by Valerie Cox, which underscores the theme of perspective and interdependence, highlighting the importance of seeing situations from different angles and understanding others' perspectives.

Through personal anecdotes and practical insights, Scott paints a comprehensive picture of the factors that contribute to self-motivation, emphasizing the importance of competence, choice, and community in driving personal growth and success.

TL/DR: To foster self-motivation, focus on empowering individuals by helping them feel competent, showing them the value of their actions, and emphasizing the importance of community support.

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💡 Challenge of the week

This week, try identifying one area where you feel less empowered. Apply the three key questions Scott Geller outlines to boost your motivation. Are you equipped? Will your actions be effective? Is the outcome beneficial? Reflect and grow! 🚀

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